Control horario obligatorio

The next May 12, 2019 comes into force the obligation to keep daily record of the time of work of all employees (RD 8/2019 Royal Decree-law 8/2019, March 8, urgent measures of social protection and fight against precarious work in the working day) either full-time or part-time contracts.

1.- The company/employer must keep a Timetable:

  1. There is no specific form of Timetable/Schedule, except if some Collective Agreement specifically indicates. It can be document basis or digital, the regulations only mark that it can not manipulable; We recommend, as far as possible, a registration document signed daily by the company and the employee.
  2. It is necessary to identify company and employee and mark / record the date and time of start and end of the working day of each employee.
  3. Have it available to employees, their legal representatives and the Labor and Social Security Inspection.
  4. Provide the employee with the monthly payroll a copy of the hours actually worked by each employee, whether normal hours, complementary or extraordinary hours, according to the Collective Agreement of application.
  5. Keep the file of the records of the Timetable/Schedule for the next 4 years.

2.- Penalyt.

  1. Failure to comply with the above can be a “infracción garve” (penalty from 626 to 6,250. €).
  2. On the other hand, in case of breach of registration obligations, the employment contract is presumed to be full-time, unless there is sufficient evidence to the contrary.


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