Translation services in Barcelona

New Counsel provides translation services in UK ( English worldwide ), Russian Federation ( Russian ) , France ( French ), Spain ( Spanish ).

We offer:

    Simultaneous translation in negotiations, conferences, presentations, any level protocol events, seminars, attendance at meetings, court appearances, to execute contracts, during installation of equipment, etc..

    Translation of various documents, projects, technical, legal, technological, medical, marketing, methodological, official and scientific forms; tenders of propositions; contracts; personal documents.

    Legalization of translation, including notarization of translation, certified translation by EGO Translating seal, seal incorporating the Hague´s Apostille procedure and consular legalization of documents.

    Layout and graphic design of materials in all formats with text and graphic schemes of any type and difficulty level; transposition of documentation to electronic format in correspondence with the S1000D standard; transposition of print materials to electronic format.

 Website Localization of software, information systems and electronic libraries.

    Corporate Foreign language instructions, including the preparation of specialized teaching programs, teaching Russian language, intercultural adaptation training, preparation and recycling / update translators.

    Supply of equipment for simultaneous interpretation, negotiations by telephone and videoconference.

Key benefits of working with us: extensive experience in related work, comprehensive service, knowledge of the requirements and suitability for different translations of documents, system interaction with customers, use of modern translation technologies and project management.

Constantly updating business processes and innovating, our company is ready to solve your linguistic requirements in any level of difficulty.


1. Certificate of correspondence quality management system with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008 in TÜF NORD CERT, reg. system. No. 04 100 0513 09-001.

2. Certificate No. 117357 for linguistic assistance and business negotiations for Purchasing according to UN requirements.

3. A Company official translator of the European Business Association.

EGO Translating customers are the Russian companies like Gazprom, TNK-BP, Rosoboronexport, Power Machines, Factories Izhorskie, ITAR TASS, Baltic, Raiffeisen Bank, Fund and DS Likhachev large foreign companies ABB and Volkswagen, IKEA, Nokia, Unilever , PricewaterhouseCoopers, Siemens and many other international companies.

Translation Official Translator jury

Sworn translator

Before ordering a check certified translation, ensure that the service will be provided by a Sworn Translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thus ensure the legal validity of the translation!

English/French/Russian/Spanish Sworn Translation

A Sworn Translator is a translator authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MFA translate to Spanish and vice versa official documents. These translations are always signed and stamped by the Translator and have official status with the authorities.

We have a large team of English/French/Russian Sworn to ensure the highest quality in all our official translations. We assign each project to a specialist translator in the field.

                                                                                                     Term 3-4 days                          24 hours

criminal records                                                                           70 € / page             100€/page

birth certificate

certificate of driving                                                                    

training documents

marriage certificate / divorce

translation of identity card

Lined Diploma                                                                               180€                               250€

Technical, medical and legal translations.                             80€/page                           110€/page

The birth certificate                                                                   80€/page                           110€/page

How to ask for a translation service Sworn Translation:

First Step

Send us a scanned copy of the document to be translated to “ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ” email, by fax, or by mail to any of our offices in Spain, Andorra, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and France. To request a translation service the original documents are not required, provided that the quality of the scanned document allows us to read it.

Second Step

Once the budget is accepted and upon receipt of proof of payment via fax or email, we will start work on the certified translation of the document. Once this is complete the certified translation to the address provided is sent.

Third Step

Tell us the shipping method by which you prefer to do get your certified translation: certified mail, express mail or courier or if you prefer, you can also collect its translation in any of our offices in Spain, UK, France, Andorra, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Russian, English, French, Spanish Translation

Russian, English, French, Spanish translation and proofreading, with a team of highly qualified professionals. Russian, English, French, into Spanish, from Spanish into Russian, English, French, and other languages.


Term                                                                                   3-4 days                                             24 hours

General, commercial, advertising                           0.9 € / word                                       € 0.19 / word
Technical, legal, financial, literary                            €0.13 / word                                     € 0.23 / word
Website translation and adaptation

to Russian, French, English, Spanish                      0.9 € / word                                       € 0.19 / word
CV Translation                                                                 € 0.13 / word                                    € 0.23 / word

Interpretation of Russian, English, French, Spanish.

Service Cost

Simultaneously interpreting Russian, English, French, Spanish for meetings, institutional statements ... etc.    

50 € / hour *

Assistance of a Russian, English, French, Spanish interpreter at events like fairs and tours, company visits, sightseeing in cities, luncheons, etc..  

40 € / hour *

Assistance jury Russian/English/French/Spanish interpreter at  weddings,   legal acts: judgments, taking statements, Notaries assistance, and   before state and government officials.

€ 88 / hour **

* Minimum Hiring 3 hours

**Minimum Hiring 2 hours

Note: Al pricing VAT excluded

For regular customers there is accumulative system of discounts. It allows you to send drafts via email.



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